If I could go to Mars, I would like to be a...

Your ideal travel partner is...

Perfect Sunday includes...

First thing you do when you reach your final destination...

When I want to relax I would...

Rocket Rocket engineer
Yoga Lower gravity Yoga instructor
Mars Hopefully you mean Mars-sous-Bourcq in France Ardennes
Garden Mars gardener
Family Family
Stranger Perfect stranger
Couple My partner in crime
Selfie Me, myself and I
Picnic Picnic for two in the park
Bike country Bike ride in the countryside
Bbq Family bbq (OK, bring in the neighbours also)
Swimm Swimming in a pool, hopefully alone
Eat Find something to eat
Call Call the family
Kiss Kiss your partner
Bikerent Where can I rent a bike?
Jump Jump jump
Read Read a book or two
Relax Take it easy
Hot bath Hot bath for two please