The Head Building of Slavonian - Podravska Railway

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The imposing building – one-storey house with basement rooms, built of solid material that wasn't plastered, in the industrial architecture of the surrounding area has a place of honor. It is work of the designer and builder of Belisce, ing. Henry Herz (1859th-1940th), the business director of the company LVS and later the General Director of SHG. It is characterised by simplicity and a moderate use of decorative details of the profiled brighter colored bricks. Due to a combination of extreme simplicity in a design and the use of fine details, the building of Railway Directorate certainly ranks among the most beautiful buildings built for the needs of railways in Slavonia, while in the industrial construction holdings of the town of Belisce and beyond, deserves a place of honor!

It was built during 1907 and 1908 for as a Head Building for the Slavonian Podravina railways dd Belisce significant and exemplary vicinal/local railways with 334.6 kilometers of tracks. It is majority-owned by SHG and family Gutmann, while, since 2006, has been registered and protected monument.

Fun Fact:

During II. World War basement rooms were used as a shelter by citizens, while after the war they served exclusively for office space and partly for housing. Since 1968 it was exclusively intended for housing, except the basement room where a restaurant is placed. All parts of the building kept its original exterior, except the entrance to the cafe Gutmann.

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