Shrine of St. Anne

Shrine of St. Anne is located in field, of Bistrinci, away from the town of only 1.5 km.

The sanctuary was established as a gift to the Chapel of St. Ann, which was built in 1797, in the form of a column with a rectangular opening which closes the grille of wrought iron from the time of Biedermeier. Chapel of St. Anne in Bistrinci is a work of local artisans and a rare preserved example of this kind shrine from the 18th century in this region. It is one of the most significant monuments of culture of Valpovstina, created by the demand of Ms. Ana illustrissima Prandau Pejačević, Countess of Valpovo.

As popular legend says, the Chapel was erected in tribute to the image of St. Ana who sailed Drava and stopped near Bistrinaci, and although the image was returned three times back to the local church, it miraculously reappeared - in the river and stopped at the place which is the shrine today! In 1995, the the locals Valpovstina managed to built the chapel at the area of 153 m², with a tower height of 12.5 m that incorporates a bell weighing 180 kg.

At the entrance to the sanctuary, a large cross, in memory of those who died in all the wars in Croatia, is set, while in 1997 at the facade of the chapel the image-triptych is set, depicting the life of St. Ana.

Touristic Significance

Because of its location and fascinating history, a shrine in Bistrinci each year attracts more worshipers and tourists. On the feast of St. Ana, 26 July at the shrine comes from thousands of believers who pilgrimage, but also largerly from Slavonia.

The sanctuary is open and it is always free to enter and sightseeing, while it ideally fits in the environment and presents a symbol of the openness of everyone. Located between forests and vast fields, next to the river Drava, the sanctuary exudes peace and tranquility, to a special bond with nature contribute the centuries-old oaks and lime trees and a well of fresh water.

Fun Fact:

Along with the chapel, there was excavated and the well where pilgrims can wash or drink some water - it is considered that water promotes healing. Theere are many miracles attributed to St. Ana, including the healing of one blind child.

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