Memorial Plaque of Romberg

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On the Day of City Day Belisce, 27 April 2005, at the site of the former house, where Clara and Adam Rosenberg lived, a memorial plaque was funveiled, erected in memory of the originators of a cultural life in Belisce and their son Sigmund Romberg - Ziga (1887 - 1954), the world-renowned musicians. Monumental plaque to Rosenbergs and Romberg is a conceptual solution of Adalbert Gyerek from Belisce. It presents a wall of the house and is located exactly at the point of the wall of the house where once lived Rosenberg family, and where famous, musician Romberg spent his childhood and gaind his musical education.

Sigmund Romberg achieved world fame in America, under the stage name Romberg, and in his extremely prolific work he composed more than seventy operettas, shows, musicals and music for films. The melody Sweetheart created for the movie White Lilac and operetta Prince Student are remebered as his most famous tunes. In his musical expression he drew inspiration from his hometown and dedicated a track March of Belisce to the place of his happy childhood – hometown Belisce.

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