Drava recreation center

A green and enriched with flowers - this complex at first glance reveals that it was designed by fishermen. Watermill, composed of ancient elements, mainly acacia, oak, and fir, originally was located at a separate construction made of the timber and then moved to a wooden pontoon. The mill wheel, placed within the water mill, has the double task - it is used for milling, and to generate electricity for the needs of the rest area Drava.

As a part of the "Mill" project, which was realized in cooperation with Tourist Board Belisce and the Association of Sports Fishermen, the tourist office of Belisce invested in the building of the pontoon platform. Diligent workers from company Minex 2014, which has developed a platform, mount it on the rest area the Drava in Bistrinci, while there will be a mill placed there, too, made by the members of the Association of Sports Fishermen.

Most people do not know that there was once a watermill situated on the Drava in Bistrinci, which served residents in milling flour. Memories of locals and this historical story gave birth to the idea of today's mill.

Watermill, along with with the mill, will serve for grinding wheat and corn into flour. It will be placed on a pontoon after technical inspection - on the same site where once stood the last mill - more than 70 years ago!

The goal of the"Mill" project is to enrich the tourist offer and give visitors an insight into how people used to grind flour, but also an opportunity to enjoy the gastronomic offer - for this purpose a bread oven was built, where a traditional bread will be baked. Also, there will be sports facilities available to all visitors.

Best of all - all the facilities within the project will be available to visitors throughout the whole year!

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