The Complex Green Houses

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As the name implies - a complex of Green house is a preserved series of four one-story buildings, consisting of former railroad apartments. The complex was built from 1907 to 1910, under the supervison of the designer and builder of buildings - ing. Henry Herz (1859-1940), former business director of the company LVS (and later general manager of SHG).

Special features of the complex

Green or railroad homes are part of the so-preserved old houses. Gutmann colonies and belong to the industrial architecture - construction of a special style, which is little studied, and is characterized by simplicity, rationality of constructive solutions and cost-effectiveness.

Roofs of the Green houses are slight slope, but considering that the roofs are almost flat - houses do not have an attic. Green house had the greatest and the best apartments for workers - initially with four two-bedroom apartments on the first floor and four one-bedroom apartments and four bachelor rooms, exclusively designed for the workers of Slavonia-Podravina railway, from which stems the name - railroad homes. Also, it has distinctive entrance to the basement of the house, which extends beneath the entire building, and in its courtyard the houses had a built in bread ovena for baking bread.

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