Cultural Center Sigmund Romberg

Public cultural institution called Cultural Centre Sigmund Romberg was established for the performance of cultural activities in the City of Belisce.

The building of the Cultural Center or Amateur Theater, the headquarters of the Cultural Centre, was built by voluntary work and opened in 1956. From the start it was and still is the center of cultural events in Belisce. Joining of Workers' Cultural club to this area is considered to be one of the most significant moments in the history of cultural life Belisce. It was renovated and refurbished for the first time in 1983, and its thorough renovation and expansion, completed in 2015, enabled the city of Belisce adequate, modern, functional and representative space for all the cultural events and other social events such as performances , concerts, promotions, receptions and more.

The Centre includes the following activities: organizing and promoting all forms of cultural and artistic creation, protection and preservation of cultural traditions and heritage, promotion and development of cultural and artistic amateurism, encouraging amateur theater, gallery and exhibition activities, education through the elementary music school under special programs and authorization of the competent state bodies, publishing, public showing of films, coordinating institutions and associations, and cultural events in the City of Belisce, cultural events, organization of language schools, collaboration with other institutions in the field of culture, education and related organizations in order to improve their activities and work.