White House / Clerical Casino

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Together with the Palace Gutmann, this building presents a separate example of style architecture in dominating environment of industrial architecture of Belisce, and serves as a commercial and residential building.

The building was designed and built in the 1924th to 1925th by functionalism architect and designer Fritz Reichl (1890th-1959th), in the spirit of historicism and art deco Austrian a

If you didn't know – Belisce one had two theaters: "The workers 'cinema' in the Worker's Hall and" Clerical Cinema "in clerical home. All the activities of theaters were led by the cinema Board on a voluntary basis, while every theater paid only one cinema aparater and treasurer. The representatives of the film company came in Belišće twice a year to arrange film programs and movies could be seen on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Clerical cinema had a room on the ground floor of clerical home (built in 1924/25.) consisting of around 200 seats. "Right" to watch the performances free had all members of the "casino”.

Both theaters worked at the expense of the company S.H.Gutmann. After World War II in Belisce remained only one, unique cinema for all viewers, located in the building of “Clerical Home” called Cinema"For Workers". Cinema Belišće, as it was called in the last years, had its last performance in mid-2004.

Fun Fact:

At the time of silent films, in the Cinema “For Workers” tamburitza musicians played all of all time during performances . The old citizens of Belisce reported that musicians “were so good that they could play on the radio."

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