The story of Belišće dates back to 1884, when Hungarian family of wholesalers and manufacturers, headed by Salamon Heinrich Gutmann, opened an oak timber sawmill - one of the most modern, in that time, and probably the largest in Europe. The sawmill was situated on the plain, along the right bank of the Drava. They call it Belistje, later Beliste, not knowing that a settlement, built on this place, will get its name, years later, after the sawmill - Belisce. Soon, along with the factory, the first residential buildings rose as well as the factory settlement for workers. That same year, the first kilometers of forest-industrial railway track arose with the gauge of 100 cm, which soon grow into local Slavonian railroad with public transportation, a network of industrial railway lines, stations, fireroom and repair facility in Belisce with a total length of 335 km. With the beginning of work the sawmill was established and the fire company.

Elementary school started working and the first Post Office opened

Tanin Factory was opened

The building of the first public school school was erected

The oldest buildings intended for religious rites of worship - the burial Roman Catholic chapel, dedicated to Nativity of the Virgin Mary was built

The Factory for dry distillation of wood was buil

A Parquet factory was built

The beginning of the cultural life of Belisce (the oldest written poster)

Palace "Gutman", so-called "Paley", was built. It was one of the most important buildings of the old Belisce, the former administrative building of Belisce dd

The management building of Slavonian Podravina railways was built

Ivan Nikolnikov Vanja’s own theatrical work "Unfortunate Fate"marks the beginning of drama performances and tradition

Football Club "Belišće" was founded

The Kindergarten started working

Dragutin Merc Nunoš established earlier "Lazo Radojevic - traveler" who in 1957 turned into amateur theater, which operates to this day

Officially opened House of Culture built by voluntary work locals

In front of the Palace, "Gutmann" set "Gater" monument of technical culture, the largest gater first Belišćanska sawmill in which he installed in 1889

Built and put into operation the factory semichemical, paper and corrugated cardboard

Belišće parish established

Beginning of issuance of the factory newsletter list "Belišće"

Completed the construction of the parish church of St. Joseph the Worker

Opened the first exhibition of the Museum Belišće

Great legend of Croatian sport Matthias Ljubek won the first gold medal at the Olympic Games in Montreal

On the central square a monument-fountain, a work of art by renowned Croatian sculptor Ivana Sabolić

Built swimming pool in Belisce

A sculpture "Meeting" ( "Birds") by Borislav Bojanić on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Belišće

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